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Hi, I'm Susan, I joined Athene in December 2005, it was bought to my attention by my son Jayson partner of Athene that they were looking for a Receptionist Manager.


I've been in retail for quiet sometime but have always had a passion for hair and beauty so when this position became available I applied with great enthusiasm knowing I could adequately fulfill Athene's requirements for this position.


My duties as the Receptionist Manager are making sure the reception is operating promptly and smoothly by accommodating clients with appointments and receiving there payments, receiving phone calls, operating the computer, stock taking etc.


My responsibilities as Salon Manager come when the Partners are absent and I become Salon Manager making sure the salon is running to its full potential.


Questions Answers - given on 10/12/2007
Name Susan Hanks
Position Reception
Nickname Sue
Age Pass!
Time at Athene Nearly 2 years
Tell Us About You I try to be there for others, don't like to be still. Honest and reliable (I hope so anyway). Love wildlife, hate cruelty.
Favourite Night Out Run out in countryside, stop off for a drink in a country pub with my husband Paul.
Favourite CD -
Favourite DVD Legends of the Fall
Favourite Saying "You're joking"
Favourite Food Indian
Best Friend(s) Sister, husband and five sons.
Favourite Product and Why Hormeta, non greasy and feels really nice on my skin, a product I feel well worth the money.
The Best Thing About Your Job Is... ...when people go out really pleased with the results of what they have had done.
The Worst Thing About Your Job Is... ... not being able to get everything done when we are really busy and running late.
What's In / What's Out Boots and warm clothing / toeposts and summer clothing.
Top Tip Try not to take 'sides' and be open minded. Be honest when someone asks for an honest opinion.